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Paper Filigree painting Kit -Peacock

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  • Great As A Gift
The image provided Is an example of a completed art craft. Please note that this product is a handmade DIY accessory.

Paper Filigree Painting is a healthy hobby that helps you learn new skills, keep your mind engaged, enhances your creativity and a perfect way to relax. Handmade gifts are even more special and meaningful. You can make this special art craft foryour significant other family and friends. This gift will surely surprise them and will definitely stay in their memory forever.
  • Exquisite Design
The exquisite pattern attracts craftsmen to eagerly try and the ingenious design itself shows the inherent artistic qualityof paper art to the fullest.
  • High-quality Paper Strips
The Paper Filigree Painting strips are made of high—quality Dandy paper,1 cm wide, with a strong sense of three—dimensionality, good maneuverability and beautiful colors, which better expresses the design of your work.
  • EVA Pattern Board

Our designers get the best line patterns through repeated research on the effects of light and shadow. Based on the demand for Eco—Friendly, waterproof, corrosion—resistant, and highly elastic materials, we tried thousands of materials andfinally found, EVA— the best material! Through laser precision cutting, we have made our professional EVA pattern board.

  • Complete Tool Kit

Painting kit X1
EVA pattern board X1
Paper strips X1
Tools kit X1
Glue applicator X1
Tweezers X1
Awls X1
PE Foam X1
Quilting pen X1
Instructionmaterial X1